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                  Latest reviews

                  Interplanetary Criminal is one of the most in form artists of the moment. He is right at the sharp end of the garage revival and brings plenty of darkened jungle and breakbeat influences to his music once more here as he returns to Burnski's Instinct label. 'Dangerous' is a late night jam with aching vocals over warm, menacing bass and crisp drum work. 'Razor' is an old school two step throwback lit up by sci-fi effects and more pin point accurate drum programming and 'Gyaldem Dub' brings some MC rudeness, face melting bass and irresistible heaviness. 'Murder Sound' is another heavily London influenced ting to close out in style.
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                  It Was is an appropriately-named album if ever we saw or heard one. Colin Potter was an enigmatic and hugely influential member of the 1980s cassette underground, and while much work came before what's presented here, the contents of this record represent close to the apex of his creative output - carefully chosen selections from the 1989 tapes Recent Histories Volumes 1 & 2. It had taken seven years to return to the release schedule, and the gap between these tracks and the early-1980s output on ICR clearly paid off. Deftly combining sequencers, guitars, percussive accents, reversed synths and more, this is everything Potter fans fell in love with him for and then so much more besides. Definitely one of the best ways to get acquainted, or find your old obsessions reignited.
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                  Bartc - Insubstantial As Ghosts
                  Jason Barton is one man, London based experimental project BArTc. Insubstantial As Ghosts is his 14 track debut album and it comes on the label run by Colin Potter, who is well known for weird electronics thanks to his time as a member of Nurse With Wound. Barton has said that influences include Cabaret Voltaire co-founder Chris Watson and industrial legends such as Coil, Skinny Puppy and Einsturzende Neubauten. The music is built in many layers of synths, found sounds and environmental recordings. It results in organic and experimental sounds that are heavily distorted with various effects.
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                  Mansur Brown is just 24 years old and is already a revered multi-instrumentalist and composer from London. Heiwa is his new album after 2018's Shiroi and impressive 2020 EP Tesuto. It coe son his own new label Amai Records and the title translates as 'Peace.' It is inspired by 'the journey of life' and all the emotions that come with that and takes you into a thoughtful world of classy, jazz tinged ambient, rolling broken beats and pensive afro rhythms that are cosmic and deep at the same time. It's utterly fresh and another standout work from this young talent.
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                  Madteo - Str8 Crooked
                  Based in New York City and famed for his sonic experimentalism, Madteo is back with another alluring three tracker on Honest Jon's. The music is all about rugged machine funk, busted loops and lo-fi house grooves that recall the greats like Moodymann. 'Str8 Crooked' is the most loose and clattering of the lot with its knackered bassline stay down low. The amusingly titled 'Build Back Better Sweatshops' is scuffed up deep house a la STL and 'Episcopi Vagantes' is an epic 16 minute tune with spinning hi hats, wonky synthesis and plenty of cavernous soundscapes to explore at 5am on a darkened dance floor.
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                  Jules Buckley is a Grammy award-winning composer, curator and conductor who has linked up with long time collaborative partners Chris Wheeler, Heritage Orchestra and percussion collective Ghost-Note for this lively new full length. The record has been two years in the making and pays homage to the pillars of hip hop and mainstays of the breaking scene, but with plenty of added flair. There are plenty of dance floor ready breaks, as well as more airy and upbeat soul groovers like the excellent 'Space Funk.' Though the backbones of these tunes follow familiar genres rules, the flair on top is what makes them so special.
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                  Kenny Bobien / Wheeler Del Torro - The Sun Will Shine Again (Kenny Dope remix)
                  Nervous will forever be etched in the heart of house music lovers. And even after all these years the legendary New York labels continues to serve up the gems. This time out they call upon the one and only Kenny Dope, one half of Masters At Work and a legendary DJ and producer. He adds his famously characteristic warmth and soul to Kenny Bobien and Wheeler Del Torro's 'The Sun Will Shine Again.' It is a gloriously sunny tune with lively, skipping and South Hemisphere tinged beats, a great vocal and plenty of percussive action. The instrumental strips it back to more direct beat work. Both sides bang.
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                  Various - Brazilian Rare Groove
                  There is seemingly no end to the amount of great music that was made in Brazil in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Plenty of it we know about, but plenty we do not, and so Wagram Music tires to fill us in that bit more with this super collection of rare groove sounds from a range of artists. Some are legendary, some are less well known, all are in fine form. On the tunes, soul, funk and disco all permeant traditional Brazilian sounds like bossa, samba and batucada. The resulting unions are highly infectious and cheerful making this a great collection for fans old and new.
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